The Vastness is a concerted effort to listen inwardly and write what emerged over the course of three weeks this June. Each track features relatively sparse instrumentation that grows more dense with dynamic emotional swells. While writing city curfews were enforced, violence and destruction sparked, peaceful protests formed, and my mother received life-saving emergency surgery. This EP juxtaposes heaviness with resolute hope because that is what I have felt and what I feel now.

Genre: Cinematic | Instrumental | Piano | Orchestral

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76 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Epic | Drama
Description: Starting with a sparse soundscape, this piece grows into sweeping horns and forceful strings evoking bravery and persistence.
Moods: Hope, Bravery, Courage, Mystery

200 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Drama | Instrumental
Description: The hesitation of indecision, doubt, weariness and persistence abound as a dark piano motif is joined by lyrical cello and violin melodies.
Moods: Longing, Indecision, Persistence, Fragility

~76 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Instrumental
Description: A solo piano bares a vulnerable melody that grows in weight and strength at 1:55 as light orchestral strings fade in.
Moods: Mysterious, Suspenseful, Epic, Dramatic

80 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Fantasy | Orchestral
Description: Bursting with string-driven vivaciousness, this track develops into a weighty heroic anthem.
Moods: Hopeful, Lively, Fantastical, Playful

52 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Dramatic | Instrumental
Description: Delicate layers of piano, strings, and ethereal sounds drift in and out like the tide.
Moods: Inspiring, Wonder, Peaceful, Reflective