Scott’s Logic X Workflow Betterizer v1.1.0 is now available in the Soundflow store!

Designed for composers and orchestrators it offers one-button solutions for MIDI operations, adding plugins, assigning sends, adding time signatures and more.

Watch as plugins and sends are assigned in Logic with buttons on an iPhone.


Since joining a music team in London I needed a means of quickly navigating and operating between Logic X (my secondary DAW) and Pro Tools (my primary). Soundflow made it possible for me to quickly start making and mapping custom macros unique to my workflow including but not limited to:
Spotting audio files to new SMPTE locations
Batch file renaming
– Selecting, editing, merging, quantizing, and exporting MIDI
– Importing Session Data into Pro Tools automatically with preprogrammed clicks
etc. etc.

Soundflow has bridged the gap for me while working between DAWs and I hope the package linked above helps Logic X users spend more time in the creative lane and less time mousing around dropdown menus and click-assigning plugins.

Click the image below to learn more about Soundflow. Seriously, for 9.99/Mo you could really save yourself some time.