Production Hacks

I started using Soundflow in 2022 and it has dramatically reduced the time I spend completing repetitive tasks and it has made important features of Pro Tools and Logic X much more accessible. I hope the videos below can help it do the same for you.

Watch my full Soundflow playlist on YouTube or browse content by DAW below.

Soundflow with Pro Tools & Sibelius

No more mousing to change frame rates!
Spotting audio just got easier
A MIDI controller you can fit in your pocket
(DAW agnostic tool)
Click less! Quantize with a button press.
How to make custom quantize buttons in Pro Tools

Soundflow with Logic X

No more mousing to change frame rates!
Tutorial: make a button that recalls your presets
Quickly recall mastering chains, plugins, bussing etc.
Automate template creation for your cues
Press a button to access your track’s inserts
Instantiate plugins, assign busses, etc. with a button