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I’ve been inspired lately by the story* of the Wright Brothers and their quest to unlock the secrets of flight. Wilbur, the elder Wright brother, watched birds for hours searching for the key to their flight and made this astute observation in his journal:

No bird soars in a calm.

While this is a scientific observation, I resonated with these words on a gut level because sometimes I feel like I’m just trying to stay aloft in turbulent and unpredictable winds (aka Covid pandemic). Birds on the other hand can harness wind and use it for lift. This discovery is partly what led the Wright brothers to build the first successful flying machine. Wilbur and Orville believed that higher altitudes were imperative for advancing the art of flying. This meant that pilots must be able to pass through violent air currents first before reaching the calmer skies.

LIFT is inspired, in part, by the necessity of learning to navigate and pass unpredictable elements in order to reach higher heights.

*The Wright Brothers – by David McCullough