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Description: Welcome to the SINGLES page. New releases will be posted here.

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84 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Japanese | Hybrid Orchestral
Description: Traditional Japanese instruments fuse with modern synths, orchestra, and SFX into a hybrid track propelling the listener into possibilities of what could be.
Moods: Futuristic, Innovative, Heroic

68 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Drama | Instrumental
Description: A night sky dotted with countless stars can really put things in perspective. A small motif grows till it swells with powerful orchestral sweeps and thunderous drums. 
Moods: Ponderous, Contemplative, Inspiration, Epic

130 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Drama | Instrumental
Description: When viewing the Grand Canyon I was struck by the quietude and remoteness of the expanse. This track evokes the silent awe that accompanies immense natural features.
Moods: Quietude, Awe, Grandeur

62 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Drama | Instrumental
Description: Inspired by the story of the Wright Bros. this piece begins with rickety fragile strings that crescendo to a calm but persevering piano and orchestra theme.
Moods: Innovation, Bravery, Fragility, Persistence

52 BPM
Genre: Cinematic | Drama | Instrumental
Description: The Hinterlands is a sparse but beautiful piano and string feature. This light string arrangement evokes mystery, yearning, and a journey toward the unknown.
Moods: Mystery, Loneliness, Emotional, Pensive